The Happy Meme Coin With BTC Rewards

Inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto & lovable red pandas,
community-focused and a uniquely rewarding system.
Inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto & loveable red pandas, community-focused and a uniquely rewarding system.
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Why $SAP?

🔥 3% Daily Bitcoin Rewards! 🔥

NFT Collection Sneak PeakNFT Collection Sneak PeakNFT Collection Sneak Peak


Frequently Asked Questions

If we renounce ownership of the smart contract, it will be impossible to get listed on more CEXs due to the requirement by exchanges to whitelist their addresses to avoid the 5% tax causing issues.

The tax being modifiable is necessary in case there are CEX-related requirements to adjust or if the community decides via the Satoshi Panda DAO to adjust taxes.

Go here to learn how to see and claim your Bitcoin rewards. If you hold SAP on BitMart, you will receive USDT rewards directly into your account daily.


Satoshi Panda Ecosystem

The only meme coin rewarding both its native token and Bitcoin to its community.

That's right! Satoshi Panda gives back to its community by distributing Bitcoin (BTCB) on BNB Chain to SAP holders.

Satoshi Panda is a unique meme project that gives back to its community in several ways while also working towards saving lovable red pandas from extinction.
Daily Rewards


Every SAP transaction results in a 5% reflection distribution, with Bitcoin (BTCB on BNB Chain) rewards going to SAP holders, the liquidity pool, and marketing & development. The more SAP is traded, the more rewards the community receives.
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We’re making the Satoshi Panda community the most high-vibed, fun, and vibrant in the entire crypto space! When you hold SAP, you automatically become part of the virtual Satoshi Panda family. Join our community!
Locked LP

Locked LP

All initial liquidity for SAP will be locked for two years. Additionally, 1% of every transaction fee becomes automatically added to our SAP/BNB liquidity pool on BNB Chain, thereby strengthening and increasing liquidity.

NFT Collection

Satoshi Panda has developed an "Infinite money glitch"  through its 7,777 NFT collection, coming very soon.
Thanks to an innovative NFT Staking program, NFT owners not only receive high-vibed aesthetic NFTs capturing the essence of Satoshi Panda, but also both SAP and Bitcoin rewards!
Get SAP Rewards
Get BTC Rewards
Get SAP Rewards
Get BTC Rewards
The more NFTs you have, the more rewards you receive!
Future utility of Satoshi Panda NFTs will also include entertaining gamification that will provide both fun and overall value to NFT holders.

NFT Collection


Token Name

Satoshi Panda

Token Symbol





BNB Chain

Total Supply


Max Supply


Token Distribution


Phase 1
  • Build and Grow the Satoshi Panda Community
  • Smart Contract Created
  • Smart Contract Audited
  • Presale on Pinksale
Phase 2
  • SAP/BNB LP Launched & Liquidity Added
  • CG & CMC Listings
  • KOL Partnerships
  • Marketing Partnerships & Campaigns
Phase 3
  • Satoshi Panda 7,777 NFT Collection Released
  • NFT Staking Launched
  • NFT Gamification
  • CEX Listings
Phase 4
  • Red Panda Preservation Initiatives
  • DEX Launched
  • Tokenized Future Bass Record Label
  • Learn-to-Earn Web3 Education Platform

How to Buy

How to buy $SAP


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We are a community of cryptocurrency True Believers who are passionate about the vast possibilities and opportunities blockchain technology offers…and we especially love to have fun!

In our community, we believe in the power of collaboration and sharing, which is why we have made it a central core of our ethos to ensure that as many people as possible are part of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision of a decentralized and distributed world that returns power back to the people.
If you love memes, crypto, and red pandas, then join our vibrant community!
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Satoshi Panda
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